Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera Test

The community is abuzz with the finally shipping Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera. We got one at work, and I couldn’t wait to take it out and see what it can do. I hit the Charles River in Cambridge to get a bit of Boston at sunset. I took that 4K footage into a 1080p timeline and cut this little test out.

First impressions of the camera, I really like the touchscreen and the metadata entry features. I can see that being extremely helpful while on a shoot. File sizes are enormous (which is to be expected), but the imagery is gorgeous. The internal battery doesn’t last long at all. I got about 30 minutes out in the cold yesterday. I’ll stick with it to see how long at a better operating temperature, but, external batteries seem to be a must either way. More little shoots to come!

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Major Lazer Music Video

September 2013, along with two longtime friends of mine, Adam Van Vorhees and Phil Healy, we took up the reigns of the decade old Boston Open Screen. It’s a great concept, a 90 minute long “open mic night” for film and video. You bring any piece under 10 minutes, and we screen it. No prescreening, submission process, nothing. Completely open. It always makes for a great evening.

I’ve used the monthly event as a motivator in creating something new to screen monthly. Which is where things like Jaden Smith: Real Tweets, and this music video I created for the new Major Lazer song “Come on to Me” come from. This little project I pulled some archival footage from sources online and pulled together a story about the Cold War. It was a fun one to edit, and I hope you enjoy.

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Thermapalooza 2014!

Last month FLIR cosponsored an event with Dupont at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas. I was on site to aid in setting up the FLIR Science Cameras that were used at Dupont’s “Thermapalooza” Event. This little highlight reel showcases FLIR’s presence at the show. I shot the entire event with a Canon DSLR, and the reel was cut in Final Cut Pro.

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FLIR Research & Science Camera Videos

I wanted to share these two fun montages I put together in 2013 for the Research & Science Camera segment at FLIR. The cameras are high resolution, high speed imagers used for various scientific applications. They are able to record in high-definition, as well as at high speeds – so this footage is extremely fun to work with. The first video (above) was a refresh of the initial one I created earlier in the year (below). These videos are used at various events and trade shows.

The videos were initially assembled in Final Cut Pro, then exported via XML – brought into After Effects for the final composites. The titles were created using Video Copilot’s Element 3D.

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Introducing FLIR Test & Measurement Video

My latest project for FLIR Systems was this video for the introduction of a new line of test & measurement equipment released by the company. The video has a completely different look then anything I’ve created for the company. The motion graphics implemented Trapcode Mir, Light Factory, Form, as well as Video Copilots Optical Flares all overlayed on some long exposure photography I’d done. I also overlayed film grain over the whole piece as a final polish that adds to its organic sci-fi look.

Thanks for checking it out!

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New Extech Branding Video

In this new branding video, I put together a montage of various application shoots that I’ve used in other Extech Product Videos. I really like the messaging in the video, and especially a fan of the music track. The end graphic was a combo of different gritty textures, and the text was made in Element 3D.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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IFFBoston and LonelyReviewer Updates

It was another great year for film at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. had the best coverage of the festival yet again, and, festival favorite Bobcat Goldthwait came by with the premiere of his new film WILLOW CREEK.

IFFBoston is a great event and it’s a pleasure covering it – so head on over and read some of the coverage at

I’m also happy to announce that we’ve added a new contributor to, Derek Deskins, who will be a great addition to the site. We continue to grow it, and are up to Episode 5 on the podcast. Subscribe here on iTunes!

Got some other stuff in the works for the summer, so stay tuned!

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Live, Love, Inspire

I’ve been experimenting a lot with 3D text, and I wanted to do an experiment that used those elements with more advanced lighting – essentially looking to make the text a part of the scene. My source material was random footage I’ve gathered in my travels the last few years. I picked some inspirational call outs and this was the result.

The color correction was done in Final Cut Pro, and all the graphics were done in After Effects with Element 3D!

Enjoy, and have a nice day!


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