Web Projects


Lonelyreviewer.com is a blog that reviews film, television, as well as some music and video games. At its peak, Lonelyreviewer.com features 10 bloggers, posting various entertainment/media related news, rumors, and reviews. Lonelyreviewer.com receives around 20,000 page views a month. The site also does detailed coverage of IFFBoston, covering the film festival from start to finish for the last 3 years.


Hello Simon/Hello the Podcast was a web series that produced countless episodes telling the tale of a few recent college graduates. Starting out focusing on Simon, and later on his friend and roommate Harry. The podcast was one of the earliest video podcasts available in the iTunes store, and was written about in the Boston Globe. Hello Simon was named “Boston’s Best Podcast,” in the Boston Phoenix’s yearly reader poll, as well as given 4.5 Stars by the Bostonist.


itsmyremote.com was born out of the successful experiment that was “Hello Simon/Hello the Podcast.” It was an IPTV site that featured various shows. itsmyremote.com lasted around a year, but once Vatche moved to New York, it was difficult to manage the site as well as juggle other responsibilities. It was a great idea that he’d love to revisit at some point.