Labor Day 2

Release Date: 2011

Length: 2 minutes

Synopsis: Created for the Brattle Trailer Smackdown 2011, Labor Day 2: Unholy Union, is my sequel to my previous years winning entry. The [loose] story of the original is about a non-union scab whose family is murdered out for revenge in an increasing amount of ridiculous “action” situations. In this, our protagonist is at it again, this time with more action, and a huge plot twist. The short trailer features 31 effects shots, up from the previous years 12.

The Trailer


Directed/Edited/Camera: Vatche Arabian
Assistant Director: Brandin Tumeinski
Sound: Gregg Swiatlowski


Ben Swicker
Phil Healy
Meredith Calvey
Razmig Arabian
Phil Russo
Jay Scully
Richard Wexler
Jim Jakala as The “Voice”