Below are some examples of my work:

Corporate Videos

I currently am employed by FLIR Systems in Wilsonville, OR as their Global Social Media Manager. My main job function is managing FLIR’s entire global social media presence, from day to day conversations, to the creation of original content. Prior to my role in Social Media, I was a video producer creating both traditional marketing content, as well as social content. See the collection of videos below:

Motion Graphics & Effects Reel

This is a compilation of my 6+ years of experience creating motion graphics and effects, including work for FLIR Systems, Extech Instruments, Raymarine, Infrared Training Center, PTC, as well as numerous side projects and web shorts.

Labor Day

A fake trailer created for the Brattle Theatre’s annual Trailer Smackdown 2010, this was a fun project that involved an extreme amount of after effects work as well as the entire soundtrack created in post. It was a fun project, and it was awarded the grand prize at the competition.

IFFBoston Coverage on LonelyReviewer.com

For the past 3 years, I’ve been providing extensive coverage of the Independent Film Festival of Boston for my site, LonelyReviewer.com. One of the best parts of the festival are the Q&A’s that follow the screenings. 2012 and 2013 I captured and edited over 35 Q&As and released them on Youtube. Check out some of them here.

Levinson Brothers and Rob Kutner

I had the great opportunity to collaborate with the Levinson Brothers and Rob Kutner on their various web projects, the latest being a music video for their song, “Divorce Makes a Family Twice as Big,” with Colin Hanks and Kimmy Gatewood.

Short Films

I’ve made quite a few short films, ranging from documentary to narrative. My latest piece is called “The Interview.”

Music Videos

One of my favorite things to cut as an editor is to music, I’ve had the opportunity to do some short form music focused content over the years, one of them was this exercise I put together for an Open Screening in Boston.

Road Trip for Obama

Road Trip for Obama was a documentary I made about my trek to inauguration in December 2009. The project was edited and posted daily as we traveled by car down to Washington D.C. Footage was captured and edited as we drove through 6 states to reach our final destination. See the episode from Hagerstown, MD below.