Year in Review: 2016

2016 was an incredible year in my role as Social Media Manager for FLIR Systems! We have had extremely successful content and are continuing to hit great growth and milestones.

Social Media Superstars

In May, Oregon Business named FLIR a Social Media Superstar: along with great organizations like the Portland Trailblazers and Travel Oregon, an independent panel said that “@FLIR has a good balance of fun feature content.” It was great to see validation from the industry on our efforts!

Growing the Influencer Network

Continuing to partner with networks and channels provides a great opportunity for both content creators and FLIR. Our technology enables creators to tell stories in exciting new ways, and introduces a whole new audience to the world of infrared. We had some great videos featuring FLIR with Physics Girl, the Hydraulic Press Channel, Red Bull, and more!

Passing 10 Million Views

Cutting together some great content shot at the Farnborough Air Show, we put out an awesome 40 second video of an F-35 demonstration. The video was picked up by Foxtrot Alpha, then made its way through various blogs like Popular Mechanics, and eventually on to CNN, amassing almost 350K views. Check out some of the top content that hit FLIR’s YouTube Channel this year:

Trending Upwards

Our social media reach continues to grow – impressions have risen over 200% since I became Social Media Manager two years ago. We’ve expanded our audience even more in 2016, with a total audience reaching nearly 200K, even more when tying in FLIR’s sub-brands. We see the evidence of reaching critical mass in our daily interactions with customers, whether through the engagement of fans, or individuals reaching out for product recommendations and support.

The Future is LIVE: Onward to 2017

We’ve begun live streaming content in 2016, but our cadence will increase as we move into 2017. Our CES live streams last year were under the radar, but this year we’re promoting our live stream of show activities, and we expect a good turnout! We hope to introduce some regular live streaming segments – and add more personality to FLIR’s social presence (See our Invisible Labs series).

As our department grows, so will our ability to continue to produce fun and engaging content, and we strive to have more hits as the year moves on.

Happy New Year!

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