Where in the World is Vatche?

Been a while since I’ve updated! Since April of 2015 I’ve moved into a new role at FLIR as the Social Media Marketing Manager for the company. I manage all of FLIR’s social media brand channels, including Extech and Raymarine. Taking on the role has moved me out west to Portland, Oregon! A long ways from Boston!

It’s been an amazing year – ending with bringing FLIR’s total audience on Facebook from 28K to 100K in just a few months. We’ve generated some great content in the second half of 2015 – bringing our total social brand impressions to to over 50 million (around a 1,000% increase Year over Year!).

As I settle into the new role, I’m looking to get back into the side projects! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any fun little shorts, so definitely looking to do more, as well as pick back up on some in-progress projects. More to come soon!

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