May 2012 Updates

It’s been a very very busy year so far, both at work and on my various side projects. Over at we just finished our extensive coverage of the 10th Annual Independent Film Festival of Boston (IFFBoston). This year more than ever, we covered the festival extensively. We saw almost 20 films, reviewed all the ones we could (that were not under press embargo), as well as provided video content both for LonelyReviewer, and on behalf of the festival. Some of the videos include a Q&A with Todd Solondz (Dark Horse), and Bobcat Goldthwait (God Bless America). I love covering the festival, as well as seeing the amazing films that I’ve come to expect from the festival.

I’ve done some really fun projects for FLIR/Extech the past few months, specifically for Planet Extech, the brands social network which I manage. While on location in Las Vegas for the Inframation conference, with the help of the Research & Science cameras, we shot this awesome video of guns shooting with a high speed thermal camera.

Right now, I’m working on some other projects in various capacities that I’ll definitely post on here soon. I love the new format of my site, I wanted to put more of the focus on my content rather than my blog, and I definitely like the way it turned out!

Happy Spring!


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