Rough Cut of Short 1: Complete

Short #1 rough cut: Complete.

Tonight was my first night truly cutting since I filmed last weekend. Last week got a little bit busy, and I got side tracked with editing a Q&A with James Gunn for “Super,” for

I cut this short completely without any sound. Which was a unique way for me to cut. I’m usually one that finds a lot of motivation cutting to sound, and here I was cutting picture with absolutely nothing in the background.

Without giving away much of the scene, it takes place primarily on a subway car. So in my cutting, I had to think of the different sound design that was going to fill in the blanks to what I wasn’t seeing. I also found myself paying close attention to the expressions and eyes of my actors. I was being motivated to cut by the movement of the camera on the subway, keeping things fluid.

I really am happy with the way it turned out. I’m going to use some of the sound effects recorded on that day to create a base layer of sound, and than hand it off to my friend & sound editor Gregg, to polish it up the way he does so well.

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