Pics from ‘We Are One’ Inauguration Concert

We got to Washington D.C. early this morning, heading in from a quick tourist stop in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. After checking into the hotel, we went into town to check out the Inauguration Concert, how could one resist a free show that features U2, Bruce Springsteen, Beyoncé, Pete Seeger, and countless others under the same bill?

The crowd started from the Lincoln memorial, and continued past the Washington Monument. Following President-Elect Obama’s speech, Bruce Springsteen took the stage with Pete Seeger and sang “This Land is Your Land.” It was moving to hear the crowd join the chorus. I’m glad we came early to witness this, it got me even more excited for Tuesday.

I captured much from my P.O.V, I’ll be posting that tomorrow morning. For now, here’s some pictures to check out.

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