A week before departure!

Less then a week till I leave Watertown to head out for my road trip down to D.C. The closer the inauguration events get, the more excited I get! I thought it’d be a good idea to ask you readers about questions I should ask folks during my interviews. I’ve got a slew of questions, here is a sample:

-Did you vote for Barack Obama, and why?
-If yes, what are you looking for out of the next four years from his presidency?
-If no, why, and how do you feel about him now?
-What are you afraid of? What sort of change are you looking for?
-Where were you when you heard the election results? Is there something specific that you know you’ll never forget?

Those are just a few, and of course, their answers will determine a lot of the direction of the interview. What do you guys think would be good to talk about?

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