New Short Film: I’m Sorry I Killed You

I shot this little short with my brother Razmig a few months ago on a weekend vacation with my family in New Hampshire. I’ve been trying to shoot more and more run and gun short films like this one with my DSLR. I love the look the camera captures. This was something we came up with randomly and thought it’d be a fun exercise.

It also stars my good friend Brandin Tumeinski, my favorite shot is the opening shot, I just love the way it enhances the suspenseful feel of the piece.

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Short #1 Update: Rough Cut With Sound

So I posted last night that I’d completed the rough cut, as soon as I submitted that post I decided I wasn’t satisfied. I went back, using the sound recorded that day, I created a temporary soundtrack that will serve as the foundation that Gregg will build on.

I’d also been toying with the thought of adding music, but watching it with the sounds of the subway, I’ve decided against it.

I’ve got it out to various colleagues to get notes – and I thought, why not open it up to anyone whose reading my blog. If you’re interested in participating in my little focus group, head on over to and drop me a line!

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Announcing New Online Venture

I’ve experimented a lot with various online projects, ‘Hello Simon,’ the IPTV Network ‘It’s My Remote,’ my latest project is called ‘One Short’

Launching November 1st, One Short Minute is an online community built around 60-second short films. All are invited to participate by submitting short films no longer then 60 seconds, and rating the each others videos.

One Short Minute offers filmmakers, experts, and hobbyists, the opportunity to have their work discussed, and perhaps even find future collaborators, and above all, have fun.

My goal is to set up various contests and festivals based around the community and rating system. More details on that to come in November. Meanwhile, get cracking on some short films!

For fun, here’s a random one minute and fifty second camera test I did earlier today!

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