Greetings from Gettysburg

The journey continues! We left Harrisburg early this morning and headed to Gettysburg to see what sort of viewpoints we could find there. The preservation of history in the city is quite amazing, the one sad thing about our time schedule is I can’t stick around too long to site-see and learn more.

Here’s a few quick snapshots from my iPhone of a statue of Lincoln in front of David Wills‘ home, where Lincoln put the finishing touches to what would become one of the most famous and most quoted speech’s by an American President, of course I’m talking about the Gettysburg Address. I thought stopping here would be quite poignant to our journey, and I’m glad we did!

Also some great news, a project called “Change in Command,” has featured our videos on their Vimeo channel, and on their website. Their asking “what the inauguration means to you,” a question we’ll also be asking once we get to D.C. check them out!

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Road Trip for Obama: Times Square, New York City

Times Square had to be below 0, but we got two folks to stop and chat with us. The one thing I’m seeing is, it is either extremely hard to get people who didn’t vote for Obama, or we’re just not having any luck running into them. Our next stop is New Jersey, hopefully we’ll run into some good interviews there! Keep watching!

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Road Trip for Obama: Watertown to Greenwich

The first stop of my trip didn’t really turn out the way I’d liked. I stopped about 20 people, people were either in a rush or it was just too darn cold for a man on the street interview. Truth be told, after the hour there, my feet still haven’t thawed. I hope this weather won’t effect the project too much, hopefully things¬† go better in New York City!

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Road Trip Traffic Woes

If there is anything good one can say about traffic, is that it enables you to make a blog post. I left pretty much on time this morning and was on track to hit my first stop on the trip by 8:30am, unfortunately, the slight snow storm has changed that.

I’m about 25 miles from Greenwich, CT, about 2 hours off schedule, but no worries, there is still plenty of time to get what I need!

After Greenwich I’ll be meeting up with Gregg, and doing some interviews around NYC before I head back in to edit todays adventures. Anyway, send some signals to the traffic gods to clear this up!

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Road Trip for Obama: Night Before

Setting the Alarm
I’m getting very antsy, I just set the alarm clock to wake me up ten of four, so I can pack the car up and head out on the first stretch of my road trip. There are a lot of firsts for me on this trip, first off, I’ve never taken 5 days straight off from work. Second, I’ve never attended the inauguration of a President before. Third, I’ve never shared the process of making a film through a blog!

What you see here at are essentially pieces of what I’m going to make into a feature length documentary of the entire experience. What is most exciting about this project is the fact that I really have no idea how it will turn out. All I know is I’ve been inspired by a historical moment, and I’m leaving tomorrow to become a part of it.

The best way to get the most recent updates to the site is to follow me on Twitter. I’ll be doing a live Ustream tomorrow evening (most likely around 8:30pm), check back for a more accurate time.

Good night all, and see you bright and early tomorrow!

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