Road Trip for Obama


My first project in almost 2 years is finally coming off the ground! January 15th I’ll be embarking on a road trip from Boston, MA to Washington D.C. with my longtime friend and collaborater Gregg Swiatlowski to produce a new documentary.

The new film, currently titled “Road Trip for Obama,” will chronicle our journey to D.C., stopping to interview folks along the way. We are looking to find people who voted for or against President-Elect Obama. We are going to ask them why they voted the way they did, what their looking for from an Obama presidency, and what their afraid of.

This site will become a central hub, and for the first time, you’ll be able to follow along as we work on the film. Utilizing services like Ustream.TV, Youtube, and Twitter, I’ll be uploading content as we travel to D.C, ending at Inauguration.

This is an exciting new project, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you!

The official URL of the site is, it will be up and forwarding in a few days, in the meantime, just click the tab above!

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Site Revamp Done

There we have it, officially I’ve converted my entire personal website to a wordpress blog. I have to say, WordPress certainly makes life quite a bit easier, above you’ll find a menu that will take you to learn a little bit more about what it is I do and have done!

Now that this is complete, I’ll be moving on to my next project which begins filming in the middle of January!

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Website Under Construction

I’m currently revamping this page to take over what is now Arabian, so if this looks a bit unfinished, its because it is!

Once it’s done, I’ll focus on the blog for the new internet video project I’m working on.

In the meantime, need holiday gift ideas? Go over to for some!

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New Projects

So things are moving on a new project I’m working on, I don’t wanna talk to much about it, but in short, its a new documentary. I’m going to begin shooting it in mid-January, and I’ll probably be using my website as a platform for folks to travel along with me while I put the film together. It’s a project I’m very excited about, and my first in almost two years! So stay tuned!

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Kreating Karloff Now Available for Pre-Order

I gotta say, its pretty exciting to see something you’ve made for sale on the internet via a distributor. So for those of you who’ve been looking to buy a copy of Kreating Karloff, I’m proud to say that day has come!

The film will be available on DVD with a load of special features (including my proud short “Booth”) November 19th through a wide array of distributors, but currently is available for preorder at for the low price of $7.95.

Hope you guys like the film!

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Kreating Karloff

Exciting news, the film I made with Conor Timmis on his journey to become Boris Karloff for a pitched biopic is finally seeing a DVD release. And equally as exciting, the DVD will contain also contain my short film “Booth.”

More details to  come, but the DVD should be coming out towards the last part of November. The whole thing is extremely exciting!

As far as other projects, Lonely Reviewer has slowed down a bit, but we’re still updating it as frequently as possible. If you know of anyone who may be interested in blogging, just send me a comment/message, and I’d be glad to talk about it!

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Busy Times.

So it’s been a busy few months as far as my life goes, lots of new product releases at my job, lots of new videos, a huge lack of attention to my own production work. has proved to be a successful endeavor, as we have steady traffic, and a fairly high page rank, but, is extremely time consuming.

This weekend, I’m going to begin production on a project I’ve had in mind for quite a while, which has recently undergone some mutations. So hopefully, we can get that  going in the upcoming weeks, and launch it in early September. It’s going to be a good one.

Since I obviously don’t update this puppy nearly enough, you can follow me at for more frequent updates.

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A Few Months Later

So, its been officially three months since I’ve been back in Boston, and its been a rollercoaster ride looking for some sort of normalcy. A little more then the first month I spent working 7 days a week, after that ended, I found myself participating in any social event I could. There are huge differences between here and New York, but, I’m definitely happier here now then I was before I moved to New York.

Moving to New York changed a lot, and I grew a lot as a person. I’m using a lot of what I learned here.

I’ve got myself busy with a lot of different projects. When I was in New York, I was working very long hours sometimes 7 days a week. The motivation I had before I moved was gone, now that I’m back, I’m looking for that motivation.

Like I’m always saying, I’ve got a ton of podcast ideas, one of them coincides with my new web project,, but more news on that as I develop the concept.

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Things are off to a good start over at the new community blog I’ve started. A few weeks ago (like many of my domain purchases), I was inspired to begin a new blog, that would consist of a few bloggers with various backgrounds, interests, and favorite movies. I thought of Lonely Reviewer.

When I launched, there was just myself, and a few other bloggers, we’ve grown to 9 contributors with varying schedules of updates. The content grows daily, as do the hits! I’m very excited about this venture, and I can’t wait to see where we are a year from now. I’m still looking for new UI and template ideas, but right now, rather then waiting around till something works, we’ve launched, and are populating it with content as we move along.

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