Road Trip Traffic Woes

If there is anything good one can say about traffic, is that it enables you to make a blog post. I left pretty much on time this morning and was on track to hit my first stop on the trip by 8:30am, unfortunately, the slight snow storm has changed that.

I’m about 25 miles from Greenwich, CT, about 2 hours off schedule, but no worries, there is still plenty of time to get what I need!

After Greenwich I’ll be meeting up with Gregg, and doing some interviews around NYC before I head back in to edit todays adventures. Anyway, send some signals to the traffic gods to clear this up!

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Road Trip for Obama: Night Before

Setting the Alarm
I’m getting very antsy, I just set the alarm clock to wake me up ten of four, so I can pack the car up and head out on the first stretch of my road trip. There are a lot of firsts for me on this trip, first off, I’ve never taken 5 days straight off from work. Second, I’ve never attended the inauguration of a President before. Third, I’ve never shared the process of making a film through a blog!

What you see here at are essentially pieces of what I’m going to make into a feature length documentary of the entire experience. What is most exciting about this project is the fact that I really have no idea how it will turn out. All I know is I’ve been inspired by a historical moment, and I’m leaving tomorrow to become a part of it.

The best way to get the most recent updates to the site is to follow me on Twitter. I’ll be doing a live Ustream tomorrow evening (most likely around 8:30pm), check back for a more accurate time.

Good night all, and see you bright and early tomorrow!

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First Press on the Road Trip!

We got our first bit of press coverage for Road Trip for Obama today over at the Watertown Tab & Press. If you go to the  Wicked Local Watertown blog, staff writer Christine Laubenstein did a great write up on some of our goals and plans for the project! Check it out and let us know what you think.

We’ve got some other things in the works so keep checking back daily for new content!

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Road Trip for Obama Logo

It occurred to me that I could come up with a pretty decent logo combining the title of the project with the all-too-familiar Interstate Logo, seeing as though I’m gonna be traveling it down to D.C. So here it is, for the first time ever, the offical Road Trip Logo! I’m hoping to have it printed as a poster that we can carry to draw a little more attention to our little crew as we go. I’m currently rendering the opening graphic implementing the logo, so look for that tomorrow!

Road Trip for Obama Logo

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A week before departure!

Less then a week till I leave Watertown to head out for my road trip down to D.C. The closer the inauguration events get, the more excited I get! I thought it’d be a good idea to ask you readers about questions I should ask folks during my interviews. I’ve got a slew of questions, here is a sample:

-Did you vote for Barack Obama, and why?
-If yes, what are you looking for out of the next four years from his presidency?
-If no, why, and how do you feel about him now?
-What are you afraid of? What sort of change are you looking for?
-Where were you when you heard the election results? Is there something specific that you know you’ll never forget?

Those are just a few, and of course, their answers will determine a lot of the direction of the interview. What do you guys think would be good to talk about?

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